Watch The Ending To Sami Zayn Vs. Roman Reigns At Elimination Chamber

1 month ago by Amanda Savage

Watch The Ending To Sami Zayn Vs. Roman Reigns At Elimination Chamber WWE

Sami Zayn and Roman Reigns faced off in the main event of WWE’s premium live event, Elimination Chamber tonight (February 18).

With the Montreal crowd solidly behind their hometown hero Sami Zayn, the third character throughout the match was the hot crowd who went wild for Zayn every time.

With multiple close near falls throughout the match, the Montreal crowd truly believed multiple times that their native son had done it, he had vanquished the Tribal Chief.

After kicking out of a Superman Punch + Helluva Kick combo as well as a Blue Thunder Bomb, a cruel twist of fate.

The referee was knocked out in the corner as Sami went for another pin however there was no official to call it.

With Jimmy Uso running out to attack Sami Zayn before covering him with Roman Reigns just in time for a new referee to run out, the Underdog from the Underground still managed to kick out!

After the second referee was downed, out came Jey Uso, who was given a choice by Roman Reigns. With Reigns handing Jey a chair, he commanded him to hit Sami.

While Jey took time to ponder (which was noted by Roman), Sami was able to get to his feet and go for a spear on Reigns.

However when Roman got out of the way and it was instead Jey that took the spear, Reigns was there to capitalize on the distraction.

Roman Reigns used the chair to try and put Sami down once and for all, landing a big Spear after multiple chair shots as the referee came to in order to count the pinfall.

After the match, Kevin Owens came out to get even with the Bloodline however the disappointment remained palpable over Zayn’s loss.

The Montreal crowd did seem to greatly enjoy seeing Paul Heyman getting a Stunner from Kevin Owens though so that is important to note.

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