WWE Enters Energy Efficient Partnership For New HQ

1 week ago by Dave Adamson

WWE Enters Energy Efficient Partnership For New HQ WWE

WWE has entered into a partnership with a leading property technology company to ensure their new HQ is energy efficient.

It was previously reported that WWE is moving into a new HQ at 707 Washington Boulevard in Stamford, Connecticut.

While the earlier plans had set a March date for the move, the schedule changed and the plan was recently reported as being for the move to be completed by the end of 2023.

On May 23, it was announced the Enlightened had been appointed as the partner to “deliver heavyweight energy savings, productivity and sustainability” at the new WWE headquarters.

According to their website, “Enlighted is a Siemens-owned company. With the dynamic energy of a start-up and the backing of a global powerhouse, we are a human-centered proptech company that creates positive transformation wherever space, people, and work meet.”

Per the press release:

SANTA CLARA, California – May 16, 2023: Today Enlighted, a leading proptech company owned by Siemens, announced a new engagement with World Wresting Entertainment (WWE) to support its vision of a smart, energy efficient, headquarters. The leader in global entertainment that can be seen in more than 1 billion homes worldwide will use Enlighted’s intelligent lighting control, smart sensors, IoT data services and real time location services (RTLS) to achieve occupancy-based energy savings, optimal space management and provide the most productive environment for WWE employees.

WWE is headquartered in Stamford, Connecticut, with over 400,000 square feet of multi-purpose space including office space, studios, production and post-production facilities, conferencing, event, and outdoor terrace spaces. With the size and complexity of space types, it is essential for WWE to understand and optimize its real estate footprint using technology and software with the flexibility to address a range of uses. As part of a major renovation and digital transformation initiative, almost 2,000 sensors over a wireless, fault-tolerant network at WWE will enable:

Enlighted Lighting Solution: Occupancy-based intelligent lighting control with flexible configurations for task tuning, daylight harvesting, and efficient lighting of WWE spaces will result in bottom line energy savings and progression of WWE’s carbon neutrality.
Enlighted Data Services: Collecting data 65 times per second from sensors that measure movement, temperature and power, WWE will use specialized visualization dashboards to derive key insights for space design decisions.

Location Intelligence: WWE will use the same lighting sensing environment to reliably track assets, ranging from high value assets (memorabilia, collectibles) to operational assets (mail carts, merchandise samples, packages) in real-time for movement analysis and improved inventory management.
With Enlighted’s lighting controls as the foundation, WWE will be solving multiple IoT use cases and utilizing the open APIs, WWE will have central management, a ‘single pane of glass’ into operations.

“As a leading global entertainment company our headquarters is comprised of spaces for very different uses and diverse occupants,” said Rajan Mehta, EVP and Chief Technology Officer at WWE. “The Enlighted IoT Smart Building technology will make it possible for us to realize enormous energy savings, increase our operating efficiencies and use data to capture building activity for intelligent data-driven space decisions. IoT based asset tracking and process flow improvements will make our headquarters truly a smart building.”

“Space utilization isn’t just a matter of knowing how many people are in an office or production facility at a given moment—it’s about understanding how employees and guests are moving and interacting with spaces,” said Stefan Schwab, CEO of Enlighted. “The lighting-based sensors at WWE will capture vast amounts of data that WWE can use for a refined view of activity across all of their buildings. With the scalability of cloud storage, the company will be able to identify trends and preferences as they examine building usage data over time.”

About Enlighted – Enlighted is a leading proptech provider of IoT solutions at the intersection of people, space, and work. We offer a unique combination of cognitive environmental IoT sensors and lighting controls that connect to intelligent workplace experience apps, offering a singular, scalable, interoperable solution to address a spectrum of building, space, and productivity needs. Our customers leverage these solutions to enable occupant well-being, greater business efficiencies and momentum toward their sustainability goals. Enlighted is part of Building Robotics, Inc., a Siemens company. For more information, please visit us at enlightedinc.com.

Siemens acquired Enlightened in 2018 with the Silicon Valley-based provider of IoT (Internet of Things) systems being one of a number of smart building technologies companies come under the German company’s umbrella.

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