Current WWE Stars Expecting Their First Child

4 weeks ago by Sanchez Taylor

Current WWE Stars Expecting Their First Child WWE

TW: Miscarriage.

Former SmackDown Women’s Champion Carmella has announced that she and WWE commentator Corey Graves are expecting their first child together.

Carmella, real name Leah Van Dale, announced her pregnancy on Good Morning America on Monday (May 1). The WWE star noted that she has had a positive mindset, after being cautiously optimistic about her pregnancy (via ABC News):

“It’s just all been such a whirlwind. I think because of my past, it was hard to get excited off the bat about this one, but I was cautiously optimistic.

“I try to have a good mindset, a positive mindset this time around, and it’s working. So I’m very happy about that.”

In October 2022, Carmella opened up about treatment for an ectopic pregnancy, revealing that she had also had an early miscarriage in September.

Noting that she and Graves, real name Matthew Polinsky, have been on quite the journey since finding out she was pregnant in March, Carmella noted:

“After the first (test), I’m like, ‘Oh, are we sure? Are we sure?’ … I mean, I took (additional tests) for weeks just to make sure they still said positive.

“So it’s really just been such a mind work to get my head around. But the fact that I’m here, I’m on the other side of it, I’m almost out of the first trimester at this point … it’s been quite a journey.”

“When it happened again with the ectopic, I just (felt) like this is so crazy. I just thought you get pregnant, you have a baby.

“Of course, you’ve heard of miscarriage, but I don’t know anyone personally that has gone through it, especially multiple times.

“So, when I went through it the second time, and it was a health issue for me as well, and not just the fact that I was losing a baby, I mean, my life was on the line.

“It was just traumatizing and the most devastating thing that I’ve gone through, because you’re not only going through this extreme medical condition, but you’re also going through the loss of your child.”

Carmella has now taken to Instagram to share a pregnancy announcement, writing:

“After every storm there is a rainbow 🌈 our little miracle is due this november and we couldn’t be more thrilled 🤍”

This would likely explain Carmella’s recent absence from WWE TV.

She was set for the four-way tag team match at WrestleMania but Sonya Deville replaced her as Chelsea Green’s tag partner.

We wish Carmella and Graves all the best all the best in this exciting new chapter of their lives.


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