How WWE Explained Austin Theory’s Controversial Money In The Bank Cash-In

How WWE Explained Austin Theory’s Controversial Money In The Bank Cash-In WWE

Find out how WWE explained Austin Theory’s Money in the Bank cash-in attempt on the United States Championship that drew ire from fans.

In a backstage interview, Austin Theory explained his rationale for his Money in the Bank cash-in from last week that drew the ire of fans worldwide, not just Kentucky.

After Seth Rollins promised the live crowd at WWE Raw tonight (November 14) that they would get the chance to air their grievances with this star, he did his talking backstage.

In a backstage interview with Cathy Kelley, Austin Theory made it clear that he was no longer anyone’s protege!

Austin Theory showed off a new intensity and drive as he passionately spoke about the experience of being the Money in the Bank briefcase holder during the historic reign of Roman Reigns.

Addressing the situation, Theory said:

“I was touted to be the next big thing and prove that on day one and I did. I exceeded that expectation and what did I do? I became the face of a franchise…

“Everybody thinks that I failed but they’re wrong. Because I feel more alive than I ever have.

“Let’s talk about it. Let’s talk about that briefcase.

“Let’s talk about it… it was an anchor on Austin Theory…”

Going on to specifically detail the rationale, the cash-in makes more sense as he detailed the ways in which Roman was always protected, if not by outsiders then always by the Bloodline, and that’s why he chose to cash-in on Rollins instead.

Punctuating the rationale for the storyline turn, Theory said:

“Roman Reigns in unstoppable and that scenario of cashing in doesn’t exist.”

Austin Theory went on to say he is sick of being known as the next, he is now!

His passionate promo was interrupted by Dolph Ziggler leading to a match between the two being booked for WWE Raw, during which Theory showed a noticeably new level of aggression to the point he got himself disqualified and had to be restrained by officials.

You can keep up with all the action from tonight’s WWE Raw by clicking here. 

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