Former WWE Star Reveals Scrapped Gimmick Plans

Former WWE Star Reveals Scrapped Gimmick Plans WWE

A former WWE has revealed that a popular gimmick actually started out as something more risque that didn’t make it to television.

Now known as Dirty Dango, the artist formerly known as WWE’s Fandango revealed the origins of the character in a recent interview.

Speaking to WrestlingNewsCo, Dango spoke about the origins of the character, revealing that both Tyler Reks and Curt Hawkins had planned to become male stripper.

Reks was released from his contract before the team would happen, with Hawkins recruiting Dango as a replacement.

Unfortunately, the tag team wouldn’t materialise as WWE’s creative plans shifted to a singles wrestler in the role.

Dango would say that Hawkins gave his approval for Fandango to become the stripper, with Dango recalling:

“They sent me to a strip joint in Tampa. I think it was a Colombian girl [teaching me] how to strip.

“I actually started going by learning how to be sexy for about a month or two.”

The sexy lessons wouldn’t last, however, with Dango going on to say:

“Then one day at Full Sail, Triple H pulls me aside and goes, ‘No more strip dance school … take ballroom dancing classes now.

“They sent me to Arthur Murray’s dance school once a week for three or four months. I knew enough just to fake it essentially, but I was convinced I was good.”

Dango may have thought he was good, but his trainer Dave Taylor would remind him that he knew one dance move.

Fandango made his in-ring main roster debut against Chris Jericho at WrestleMania 29 following months of refusing to debut because of the way his name was being pronounced by the ring announcers and his opponents.

He would be released by WWE in June 2021 after fifteen years with the company.

Dirty Dango would also discuss losing a Fandango product endorsement deal to comedian and actor Kevin Hart.

While Fandango and Tyler Breeze would see success as a tag team, Vince McMahon apparently didn’t get the many pop culture references that the two employed.

Transcript from Wrestling Inc.

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