WWE Encouraging Fans To Do ‘What?!’ Chants For Some Reason

2 years ago by Liam Winnard

WWE Encouraging Fans To Do ‘What?!’ Chants For Some Reason

The pandemic has been an awful time for WWE, wrestling, and beyond, but there was a certain something a lot of people were grateful for.

What was that certain something? That certain something was the disappearance of ‘What?!’ chants, which we haven’t had to deal with for over a year.

With fans returning for SmackDown tonight, everyone is getting excited about hearing some loud reactions for returns, and seeing who’s over with the fans after over a year without having that connection.

WWE, on the other hand, wants the fans to ruin everything.

The company has posted this tweet, encouraging some absolutely horrendous behavior:


There were some “WHAT?!” chants on AEW Dynamite this past Wednesday during Malakai Black’s promo, and honestly, it felt like being in a nightmare.

Hopefully fans DON’T do this regularly, but if they do, at least we can blame WWE for it now. And they only have themselves to blame too.

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