WWE Free Agent Officially Signed To SmackDown

2 years ago by Tempest

WWE Free Agent Officially Signed To SmackDown

While the WWE Draft is set to conclude tonight on Raw, one free agent has already found a home. In a report from WWE, Sarah Schreiber has revealed that Shorty G Chad Gable has signed with SmackDown after going undrafted on Friday night.

The news was broken on the WWE Network Twitter account. It certainly didn’t take him long to find a home, begging the question why this news couldn’t have been broken on Talking Smack or something of the sort.

Shorty G has spent his career thus far on SmackDown. Since being drafted as part of American Alpha in 2016, he has remained on the blue brand. He was known as Chad Gable until he underwent his name change last year following a program with Baron Corbin.

Since then, he has seen little success, often being beaten by the likes of Corbin and Sheamus. Now, staying on SmackDown, perhaps he will have the chance to shine on a revamped roster.

The WWE Draft will continue with the second batch of stars tonight on Raw. Perhaps Gable will be given some new competition with more people moving to SmackDown.

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