WWE Star Blasts Management’s ‘BS’

WWE Star Blasts Management’s ‘BS’ WWE

WWE Tag Team Champion Grayson Waller has come to the defense of Brooks Jensen after events of the June 4 episode of NXT.

Jensen was ejected from the building after appearing during a commercial break on last night’s episode of WWE NXT.

During his ‘unscheduled appearance’, Jensen took issue with Vic Joseph and Booker T before being removed from the building.

Reacting to his treatment on Twitter, Jensen posted a video saying:

“I just wanna know why. Why, of all people in the Performance Center, me? For three years I’ve busted my tail. I’ve said yes sir, no sir, yes ma’am, no ma’am. I’ve done all the right things to make it to the top, but for some reason, they just don’t see it in me.

“When I try to voice my opinion, when I try to ask the questions of why, instead of sitting back and taking it, they throw me out of the building?

“You know what the best thing about this is now? I can go anywhere I want. Who knows? Maybe I can make an impact.”

With Jensen saying he could “go anywhere” he wants and making a reference to an “impact”, it could be that Jensen heads to TNA after the in-ring debut of Jordynne Grace in NXT.

Jensen has recently been vocal on Twitter about his booking in NXT as part of this storyline, responding to a tweet about Booker T wanting to see a Lola Vice and Sexyy Red twerk-off with:

“It hurts when you once bust your ass off in the performance center for recognition and to be respected by your bosses and peers only to be exiled and see this crap.”

Grayson Waller has shared his thoughts on his treatment in NXT with Jensen, tweeting:

“Not surprised, I dealt with the same BS at the end of my NXT run. Go show them who you are mate”

Waller was called up to the main roster as part of the 2023 WWE Draft and spent a great deal of his final months in NXT antagonising Shawn Michaels.

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