WWE Hall Of Famer Says Aleister Black ‘Didn’t Set Himself Apart’

WWE Hall Of Famer Says Aleister Black ‘Didn’t Set Himself Apart’

There are a lot of weird opinions that fly around nowadays but, boy, Booker T’s take on Aleister Black is… interesting.

Black was released by WWE a couple of days ago, and he’s one of the names that fans point to as having the most wasted potential in recent years.

One thing Black didn’t struggle with was being unique. You only have to take one look at him to figure that out.

Unless you’re Booker T, in which case you’ll say he didn’t set himself apart enough from the rest of the roster.

Speaking on his Hall of Fame podcast, Booker said:

“You can’t give a guy intro, give him a black gimmick, a dark robe, and go out there and become a star. You know, you put him on that thing (mimicks Aleister Black’s entrance). The thing is, it did look cool. But understand, you just can’t get that gimmick and think because of the smoke and mirrors, you’re going to go out there and get over.

“Aleister Black is a good worker, but I’m looking for a guy that’s ‘talent’. I’m looking for a guy that’s going to go out and do things totally different than everybody else on the roster. Aleister Black had his MMA get-up, his kung fu, karate, Black Mass for the finisher. I get it. But, for me, Aleister Black was a guy that didn’t set himself apart from the rest of the guys in the locker room.”

Well, from his look, to his style, to just about everything about him, who knows what else Booker was looking for in wanting Black to “set himself apart”.

Vince McMahon reportedly didn’t understand Black’s style of wrestling, but Black always manages to somehow speak highly of Vince despite him being the guy that didn’t push him and ended up releasing him.

Quote via Sportskeeda

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2 years ago by Liam Winnard


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