WWE Hall Of Famer Believes Roman Reigns Will Leave WWE In 2023

3 months ago by Ryan Coogan

WWE Hall Of Famer Believes Roman Reigns Will Leave WWE In 2023 WWE

Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns may leave WWE for Hollywood this year, according to Eric Bischoff.

In 2022, Reigns surpassed 800 days to become the longest reigning Universal Champion in history.

Speaking on his Strictly Business podcast, the former WCW promoter suggested that the Tribal Chief could soon leave WWE to pursue a career in acting:

“[I predict] Roman Reigns is crossing over into mainstream entertainment. You know, I haven’t had my finger on you know Roman’s career or his trajectory so far, but [with his cousin The Rock] it kind of makes a little bit of sense doesn’t it?

“You know in Hollywood it’s not about how good you are necessarily, It’s how good you are and who you know. I think Roman has put his toe in the water and now he’s got a little bit of a taste of Hollywood.

“I think Roman Reigns’s long Title reign will come to an end this year and I think the best thing that you could do would be for him to step away for a few months.”

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Transcription courtesy of SEScoops.

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