WWE Hall Of Famer Comments On Michael Cole Being Screamed At

3 years ago by Liam Winnard

WWE Hall Of Famer Comments On Michael Cole Being Screamed At

A WWE Hall of Famer had high praise for announcer Michael Cole and discussed Cole being screamed at and cussed out over the headset while working.

Cole has been the voice of WWE for several years and remains as such as the lead announcer on Friday Night SmackDown on FOX, and works closely to help develop the younger announcers such as Tom Phillips and Vic Joseph.

Arn Anderson spoke about Cole on his latest podcast and complimented his work, saying that he’s the best at calling wrestling matches, but rarely gets the chance to actually do that. Anderson said:

”If you’re calling wrestling matches, there is nobody better. Now, Michael Cole is stuck in that hot seat and he is not allowed to call the match. He’s not saying, hip toss, superplex, none of that is what they are interested in. They’re out here banging head, they being the talent, and he’s talking about short stories and everything else he is fed. Guys, understand Michael Cole is a good announcer and that’s a very difficult job. I know myself it is a very difficult job. When you are being fed a thought right in the middle of you having your own thought, can you imagine the pressure that is involved there.

”I think he does a very good job. I think he is very professional. He can call a wrestling match very well if he was left to his own devices. But there are so many things that no one understands or sees or hears that go into that. If you’re getting screamed at and cussed out over that headset, imagine how rattling that is. It is a no-win situation when every single thing that goes on is micromanaged.”

Transcription via WrestlingNews.co

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