WWE Hall Of Famer Contacted MJF After ‘Pipebomb Promo’, Didn’t Hear Back

WWE Hall Of Famer Contacted MJF After ‘Pipebomb Promo’, Didn’t Hear Back AEW

A WWE Hall of Famer is opening up about having reached out to MJF after the ‘MJF pipebomb’ and not hearing back.

WWE Hall of Famer Diamond Dallas Page has commented on reaching out to MJF amidst the ongoing fracas between Maxwell Jacob Friedman and All Elite Wrestling.

DDP said on the issue on the latest edition of DDP Snake Pit:

“I’ve done some mentoring with MJF since he first came in. I wrote him and was like ‘Bro, I’m hearing some crazy sh*t out there. Call me brother, I don’t want to see you f*ck up what could be potentially one of the greatest careers.’ I said ‘Please call me so I can understand what you’re doing and why.’ He never got a hold of me.

“It does remind me of [a Brian] Pillman [promo in WCW] but he went kind of extreme and he has been to himself. No matter what it is, it does have a lot of attention. It was pretty real man so we’ll see what happens as it moves on but no matter what, it moved the needle, it definitely moved the needle.”

While it perhaps created a significant buzz within the wrestling community, the massive promo went on to effectively obscure MJF from view, perhaps taking some well-deserved time off for general self-care.

Adding to the mystique around which aspects of the ongoing saga have been “work” or “shoot” has been the treatment of the promo by AEW and its network partners.

The promo was not addressed on-air, and no official statements have been made by AEW regarding MJF’s status however he has been removed from the AEW Rampage bumper, AEW roster, AEW merchandise storeunfollowed by AEW on Twitter and no sign of his appearance from Wednesday’s episode have been released on any official platform including AEW’s official social media accounts or photography site with images for media use.

Transcription via WrestlingInc.

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