WWE Hall Of Famer Criticises WWE Following WrestleMania 39 Main Event Finish

2 months ago by Jamie Toolan

WWE Hall Of Famer Criticises WWE Following WrestleMania 39 Main Event Finish WWE

Following the finish to WrestleMania 39’s main event between Roman Reigns and Cody Rhodes in which Reigns shockingly defended his Undisputed WWE Universal Championship many current and past WWE names have shared their opinions.

The latest to do so was WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle who discussed WWE’s controversial booking decision on his latest episode of the Kurt Angle Show Podcast.

While Angle would praise Reigns, he was critical of WWE’s lack of attempt to make other stars bar the ‘Tribal Chief’, pointing out the difficulty of maintaining interest amidst such a lengthy title reign.

Angle explained:

“I’m not going to beat up on Roman Reigns because he is the man he deserves to be,”

“We’re in a time now where if you’re a champion for three years, that’s a little long. It’s just too long. Because we’re not in territories anymore.

“When you were in territories, you weren’t on TV every week. So fans had to come to see you at the arenas, and you’d only be in that city one day a week. So they only saw wrestling one day a week back then when they were champion for six, eight years.

“Now Roman Reigns has gone on; it looks like he’s gonna have to hold the title for another few years. The thing is, he’s on TV every week, sometimes twice a week, and then you know, a pay-per-view every month.

“It’s just a lot. I don’t believe the ratings are gonna go down, but I do believe some people are going to lose interest because they’re not making other wrestlers.

“You know, Roman has an opportunity to make a wrestler, he could have made Cody into a megastar, which Cody is already a star, but he would have been a mega-star if he won at WrestleMania. That’s just my opinion.”

While Angle seems to fall on the side of the fence that WWE made the wrong decision, many current WWE names including Corey Graves and Paul Heyman have defended the decision.

Following WrestleMania Cody Rhodes has seemingly moved on to a program with Brock Lesnar while Roman reigns looks set for another hiatus, with his absentee status now confirmed for next month’s Backlash event.

Cody would recently also reveal a major announcement regarding next week’s Monday Night Raw, click here to find out more.

Transcript courtesy of Fightful.

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