WWE Hall Of Famer ‘Loves’ Vince McMahon, Is Glad He’s Back

2 months ago by Ryan Coogan

WWE Hall Of Famer ‘Loves’ Vince McMahon, Is Glad He’s Back WWE

Ric Flair seems to be in a minority of one at the moment as he reveals that he is pleased about Vince McMahon’s return to WWE.

McMahon recently made an unexpected return to the company, after allegedly retiring in July 2022.

While Stephanie McMahon has acted as co-CEO of the company for several months prior to her father’s return, she resigned from the company on January 10 after which it was announced that Vince McMahon was voted the Executive Chairman of the Board.

While many have reacted negatively to the news of McMahon’s return, speaking on his To Be The Man podcast the Nature Boy says he couldn’t be happier:

“Well first of all, it’s not about who I like in that place. I personally love Vince McMahon. So I’m glad that he’s back.

“I worked for his dad in 1976, I’ve been with the McMahon family for a long time off and on. He gave me life when I didn’t have life. He and Hunter brought me back, we’ve discussed that 100 times.

“I’ve got all the time in the world for him. I honestly believe that he lives and breathes the business, and he just said to himself, ‘I own all this stuff. It’s mine, I built it, I want back in.’

“I don’t blame him. 30 years of being on TV on Raw. Think about that. It’s unbelievable.

“I hope he walks out that door in Philadelphia, stands there and struts down that aisle and says, ‘I’m back.’ The place would go crazy [laughs]. I guarantee you, that will be a rating [laughs]. I know I wouldn’t miss it.”

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Transcription courtesy of Fightful.

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