Major WWE Heat On Mick Foley Over Recent AEW Comments

11 months ago by Dane McGuire

Major WWE Heat On Mick Foley Over Recent AEW Comments

WWE Hall of Fame member Mick Foley has reportedly made some people within the company unhappy following recent criticisms, mentioning how Karion Kross has been used on the main roster.

Andrew Zarian of Mat Men Pro Wrestling Podcast said:

“Let’s talk about the Mick Foley video that I can tell you, people are very unhappy with at WWE that he put that video out. I’m not gonna say who told me this but there is like an unwritten rule with these legends where you can’t disparage the company in any way. And that was pretty disparaging. He was pretty blatant about saying ‘we’re not doing good stuff here guys.’”

After putting out said video, Foley later went on Sean Waltman’s podcast and shared similar thoughts about Keith Lee.

Foley said:

“I love the company. I really do, and I think they need to hear that. If I texted Vince that’s one thing, and that might be effective, but I think it needs to get out there. If it embarrasses them, I think that’s ok. I look at Keith Lee and I look at how dynamic he was. I know Keith has had some health problems, but it’s like, the guy comes out and you don’t know that he’s got that look?

“You haven’t done enough research to know that he’s a big dude, and now you want to cover him up? That’s part of his appeal that he’s loud and proud, and for whatever reason, his incredible ring entrance music was taken away.”

Mick Foley’s fellow Hall of Fame member Booker T agrees.

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