WWE Hall Of Famer Believes Mercedes Monè NJPW Debut Could Have Been Better If She Spoke Japanese

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WWE Hall Of Famer Believes Mercedes Monè NJPW Debut Could Have Been Better If She Spoke Japanese NJPW

A WWE Hall of Famer believes Mercedes Monè’s NJPW debut could have been better if she spoke Japanese.

After weeks of speculation, Sasha Banks made her NJPW debut as “The CEO” Mercedes Monè to confront IWGP Women’s Champion KAIRI following her win over Tam Nakano at Wrestle Kingdom 17. Monè laid out KAIRI and went on to challenge her for the title.

This was Mercedes’ first appearance in a wrestling ring since walking out of WWE during an episode of Raw in May.

Speaking on his “The Hall of Fame” podcast, Booker T discussed Mercedes Monè’s arrival in New Japan Pro Wrestling.

After noting that the Japanese crowd hindered her debut due to the reaction being quiet, Booker said:

“It had a good look… nothing bad about it or anything like that, but just one thing, the crowd, man.”

“It’s just hard to navigate that Japanese crowd because it was quiet, it was silent. You know they don’t understand what you’re saying [laughs].”

Explaining his thoughts on Monè’s debut, Booker T stated:

“I don’t mean the language barrier. That part sucks right there. Normally, going to Japan, it’s a wrestling company. They just want to see some action.”

“Then, when you can talk and speak the language, that helps a whole hell of a lot. If she just would have knew a few Japanese words, if she just would have studied in Japanese what she wanted to say, or maybe not what she wanted to say.”

“Say the first part in English, but just the outline in Japanese. [imitates speaking Japanese] Give me some of that [laugh].”

The WWE Hall of Famer continued on to describe how he felt Mercedes Monè arriving could have been the moment of the night if she could have spoken Japanese. He said:

“My thing is, that outline could have been very important, just to be able to relate with the Japanese people for a second.”

“Even if it was just one line, you know what I mean? I’m serious. That’s what I’m talking about from the entertainment perspective, being able to switch gears and go there.”

“It’s tricky, and for her, when I talk about those moments, that would have been a moment. That could have been the moment of the night.”

Mercedes Monè will challenge KAIRI for the IWGP Women’s Championship on February 18 in San Jose at NJPW Battle In The Valley.

Transcription via Fightful

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