Former WWE Stars Reveal How Often Vince McMahon Visits NXT

2 years ago by Sanchez Taylor

Former WWE Stars Reveal How Often Vince McMahon Visits NXT

Two former WWE stars have recalled their interactions with Vince McMahon, revealing how often the WWE Chairman visited NXT.

Gurv and Harv Sihra (Sunil and Samir Singh) of The Bollywood Boyz became key players on SmackDown in 2017, aligned with WWE Champion Jinder Mahal.

Speaking with Wrestling Inc, the brothers noted that their interactions with Vince McMahon were brief but positive. The former 205 Live talents also noted that McMahon didn’t visit NXT while they were affiliated with the brand, stating:

Gurv: “We would mostly see him in gorilla position after we would do our segment and get the thumbs up from the boss,” Gurv said. “Sometimes not being called over is a good thing. Anything you can just walk back and get the thumbs up, no news is good news. Just go about your business. Our interactions were very limited, but when we did talk to him they were all very positive. He’s a busy man, you can only make time for so many.”

Harv: (When asked whether McMahon showed up for any NXT tapings or TakeOver events) “Never”.

McMahon notably visited the WWE Performance Center last month to have a meeting with staff and observe training. The visit followed reports that a number of NXT stars were being given try-out dark matches on the main roster.

Since his official Raw debut on July 19, the previously-undefeated NXT Champion Karrion Kross has been pinned twice. It has since been reported that WWE still internally view NXT as a developmental system, not the third brand Triple H wants it to be.

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