Ilja Dragunov Sends Message To Bron Breakker After WWE Raw

Ilja Dragunov Sends Message To Bron Breakker After WWE Raw WWE

Ilja Dragunov had a stern warning for Bron Breakker after his attacks on Kale Dixon and Ricochet on WWE Raw.

The May 20 episode of WWE Raw saw Breakker defeat Kale Dixon and then brutalize him post-match.

Post-match, Breakker would take his frustration out on Adam Pearce after he was eliminated from the King of the Ring tournament, saying of his attack on Dixon:

“You didn’t put me in King of the Ring. That’s on you.”

Later in the show, Bron Breakker showed up again, getting in the way of Ilja Dragunov and Ricochet and spearing the latter backstage.

Speaking on Raw Talk, Dragunov took exception to Breakker’s behaviour, saying:

“I already realize Raw is a different beast. In NXT I used to be the undisputed king, the czar.

“But here, so many people are much taller and heavier than I am, but guess what, I overcome. I crawled, I struggled, I screamed and I cried in pain but eventually, I overcome.

“Bron, you’re the golden child. Gifted at all sports. And you think that is intensity. No.

“(Intensity) is not having all of that. It is developing skills and endurance when no-one thinks you are gonna make it.

“Intensity means suffering. And the Mad Dragon is gonna make you suffer.”

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Both Dragunov and Breakker are former NXT Champions and have met twice before on NXT.

On the October 22, 2022 WWE NXT Halloween Havoc, Breakker defeated Dragunov and JD McDonagh in a three-way match to retain the NXT Championship.

They’d meet again on the July 11, 2023 episode of NXT in an NXT Championship Number 1 Contender match with Dragunov being victorious.

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