Jim Cornette Says Imperium Are ‘Wasted’ & ‘Too Good’ For The Modern Day

6 months ago by Dave Adamson

Jim Cornette Says Imperium Are ‘Wasted’ & ‘Too Good’ For The Modern Day WWE

Never one to stray from a controversial take, especially when it’s wrapped in an otherwise reasonable opinion, Jim Cornette recently spoke about a “wasted” WWE tag team.

They may have lost at WWE Extreme Rules, but Imperium continue to be a force to be reckoned with in WWE and amongst its fanbase.

Led by Gunther and flanked by Ludwig Kaiser and Giovanni Vinci, Imperium has appealed to a broad audience with their old-school mentality and modern-school presentation.

Jim Cornette, however, is convinced that the trio are wasted on modern-day wrestling fans.

Speaking on ‘The Jim Cornette Experience‘, Cornette said:

“As I was watching these guys stand in the ring, the way they talk, the expressions, and Gunther’s just amazing. I’m thinking if Bill Watts had these guys or Eddie Graham had these guys, they would be communist officers or Nazi soldiers, they would need police protection in and out of the arenas everywhere they went, and they would have snipers staking out the interstate waiting for them to drive out of town.”

Whilst it’s true that, in past eras, a large proportion of wrestling fans and companies probably wouldn’t have seen an issue with presenting their wrestlers as Nazi soldiers, times have moved on and it’s unlikely a major company is going to go back to this sort of portrayal just for the sake of Cornette’s rose-tinted view of the past.

He is right on one thing, though, and that’s the idea that Imperium could, if handled correctly, be a hot property.

Sadly, he’s convinced that such a time is in the past, which presents something of a problem for any wrestler operating in the present day, as he says:

“These guys could’ve been the hottest f**king heels anybody has ever seen. But, they are wasted in sports entertainment, in the modern-day environment. They’re too good for this.”

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