WWE Star In-Ring Return Announced After Four Month Absence

WWE Star In-Ring Return Announced After Four Month Absence AEW

A WWE star has been announced for a match next week after a four month absence from in-ring competition as part of an ongoing storyline.

Brooks Jensen last saw in-ring action on March 12 when he came up short in an NXT North American Title shot against Oba Femi.

In the subsequent months, Jensen kicked off a storyline which saw him ‘kicked out’ of the Performance Center and banned from WWE shows, including NXT.

The storyline mostly played out on social media but recently made it to TV, as he appeared in recent weeks uninvited and was taken away by security.

Last week it was announced that Brooks Jensen was going to be attending a meeting this week with NXT GM Ava – an encounter that was shown to go positively near the beginning of the show.

However, in apparent bid to “make an impact” upon his return, just minutes after his apology to Ava, Brooks Jensen promptly assaulted Je’Von Evans backstage and jeopardized the night’s main event in the process.

While Jensen’s former tag team partner Josh Briggs arrived on the scene to try and stop Brooks from further attacking Evans, Briggs also revealed he was one of the people who had vouched for Jensen and persuaded Ava and Shawn Michaels not to release him.

Later, Ava would tell Brooks Jensen that if Je’Von Evans was cleared to compete next week, they would have a match on the July 16 edition of the show – a match graphic later on confirmed that the match is official.

Elsewhere, Jensen’s attack on Evans seemed to have paved the way for the NXT return of Joe Hendry who would replace Je’Von as Trick Williams’ tag team partner in the main event.

You can get caught up on the return of Joe Hendry on NXT by clicking here.

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