WWE Star Opens Up About Recent Failed Storyline

WWE Star Opens Up About Recent Failed Storyline WWE

Baron Corbin has opened up about what went wrong with his storyline involving WWE Hall of Famer JBL in 2022.

In October 2022, having discussed managing Corbin a number of times, JBL finally got his opportunity.

Whilst the pairing would get off to a good start, it quickly faltered and would eventually come to a premature end in February 2023.

Appearing on WWE After The Bell, Corbin explained the issues to Corey Graves, saying:

“There was a sense of panic there for me because everything I had done up until then had worked. I had made things work.

“But I had one promo in my career, where I was in the ring, in the middle of it. And I was going [in my head] ‘There is nothing that is going to make this good. We are not saving this.’ It was a segment with multiple people.

“I felt the crowd going ‘Dude, this is not good.’ And you feel it in your gut. When we got to the end of the JBL stuff, we were trying to make it work, but I just think there were a few things that went against us. Opportunity and timing and a few other things. And you could feel it.

“I felt like I was in a movie, stuck out in the ocean and waiting to get eaten by sharks. I was drowning, in a sense. And that’s when we had the conversation. ‘Okay, what do we do?'”

That’s when the decision was made for Corbin to move to NXT where he has since revealed a new character in the process.

Road Dogg Brian James has recently discussed his opinion behind why Corbin gets the reaction that he does.

Transcript from SE Scoops.

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