Former WWE Star Kelly Kelly Addresses Karen Jarrett Comments

Former WWE Star Kelly Kelly Addresses Karen Jarrett Comments WWE

Former WWE star Kelly Kelly has now reacted to Karen Jarrett’s recent comments, revealing that she has reached out to Jarrett.

Well, who had this on their 2023 bingo card?

In The Acclaimed’s diss track targeting Jeff Jarrett and Jay Lethal that aired on the December 28 edition of Dynamite, Jeff’s wife Karen got a mention when the Acclaimed claimed Jeff was  ‘stealing money’ like he ‘stole Kurt Angles wife.’

Karen Jarrett, who divorced Kurt Angle in 2008, married Jeff Jarrett in August 2010, months after announcing their engagement.

Karen has now taken to Twitter to state that she and Angle ended their relationship long before she started seeing Jeff Jarrett.

Sharing accusations of her own, Karen wrote:

“We can start here….my marriage to Kurt was over LONG before Jeff and I started seeing each other…

“We were legally separated at the time Kurt signed with TNA living in different homes. We got back together and I tried to get over the affairs among other things that went on in our marriage. But obviously wasn’t able.

“Funny and sad how all of that has been swept under the rug over all these years. Jeff didn’t steal me from anyone. #dawnmarie #kellikelli #deannesiden to name a few

“I’m done living in fear of speaking the truth. #movingon

“Those assuming those tweets were in response to another tweet. That is incorrect. Someone dug himself a hole off line. Maybe that will all be shared maybe it won’t. I do know I am done living in fear of the threats.’

Kelly Kelly aka Barbie Blank has since noted that she has directly messaged Karen Jarrett.

Denying that she and Angle were anything more than co-workers, Blank tweeted:

“I keep (getting) linked in this tweet I have dmed @karenjarrett to privately ask her and I’m waiting for her response, but I want to go ahead and publicly make a statement that only way I can be linked to Kurt is we were co workers sorry but thanks for the Monday morning entertainment lol”

Blank also retweeted a few posts pointing out that the drama she was referring to was 17 years old, also tweeting:

“This era was 2006 and its now 2023”

Jeff Jarrett is currently working for AEW as the company’s Director of Business Development, as well as an onscreen talent.

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