Former WWE Star Reveals Recent Locker Room Atmosphere

3 weeks ago by Dave Adamson

Former WWE Star Reveals Recent Locker Room Atmosphere WWE

A former WWE star has revealed the recent atmosphere in the locker room compared to their past experiences.

Speaking on the GAW TV podcast, Barbie Blank, formerly WWE’s Kelly Kelly, opened up on the topic, saying:

“It’s very different. I feel like when we were there, all the girls, we were so close, tight-knit.

“Maybe they are. I just know when we were there, it was just like everybody was together talking in the locker room, sitting down.”

Blank would then go on to discuss her more recent experience, adding:

“Then I feel like when I went back, no one was really in the locker room. Everyone was kind of doing their own thing.”

She would say that the atmosphere was “totally fine” just different to past experiences.

Kelly Kelly was a participant in the 2022 Women’s Royal Rumble match.

She was a one-time WWE Divas Champion and one-time WWE 24/7 Champion.

She signed with WWE in 2006 and would remain with the company until 2012, making occasional appearances in recent years.

Transcript from Wrestling Inc.

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