Former WWE Name Had Amazing Response To Firing Attempt

2 months ago by Dave Adamson

Former WWE Name Had Amazing Response To Firing Attempt WWE

A former WWE name has revealed their amazing response to an attempt at firing them from their company role.

Kevin Kelly joined WWE in 1996 and would remain with the company until 2003, however he was supposed to be fired in 2001 but just didn’t want to be.

Speaking on the Insiders Edge podcast, Kelly revealed the circumstances that led to his initial non-firing by Jim Ross, saying:

“I was in the process of buying a house. The closing was in a couple of weeks away. You can’t fire me.

“I’ve already told my landlord that I’m moving. I’m buying a house.”

He would reveal that he said to JR:

“‘Do you even know what I do, JR? Do you even know how many hats I wear? Who is going to do all the jobs that I do if you’re letting me go?

“We need to talk about this because it’s not going to work for me.’

“He said, ‘Okay.’ I was going to get fired, what’s the worst that could happen? He was going to shoot me with a gun? I didn’t call him an asshole or MFer, I just said, ‘Hey, no.'”

Securing himself another two years with WWE, Kelly would reflect on his eventual departure, adding:

“Then, when they finally did fire me, I knew it was coming, but I was the last one to get cut. It was 03 and they were going department by department.

“You hear about it, people getting let go. I knew it was coming. I was in the last round.

“Everyone was very nice. They said, ‘You were here almost seven full years. We will treat that as eight years and give you four months of severance.’

“I said, ‘I did a lot of work while I was here. I had two or three jobs at a time, I would like six months severance please. I feel I deserve it.’

“The lady said, ‘Okay.’ Again, why not ask? What’s the worst that will happen? I didn’t ask for anything ridiculous. I asked for a couple extra months of severance.”

Kelly has gone on to be the voice of English play-by-play commentary for NJPW in America.

Transcript from Fightful.

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