Hall Of Famer Discusses WWE’s Changing Marijuana Policy

2 months ago by Dave Adamson

Hall Of Famer Discusses WWE’s Changing Marijuana Policy WWE

A WWE Hall of Famer has recently spoken about the changing status of marijuana in the company and named his favourite person to smoke with.

On the Kliq This podcast, Kevin Nash looked back at his run between 1993 and 1996, comparing it to his return to the company in 2002, saying:

“The first three years we could smoke.

“The three years after that we couldn’t smoke.

“WWE had the ‘no steroid, no marijuana’ policy.”

Reflecting on his time with the c

“One of my favorite people to hang out with on the road that I never got a chance to do much with is Chris Masters. The Masterpiece.

“We were at a signing somewhere in Jersey.

“He made a pipe out of an apple and he and I got whacked!

“We ended up in Lookers drinking Coronas.

“It was a good signing, a couple of hours.

“We went up the room and got baked.”

Lookers is listed as an “adult entertainment club” in Elizabeth, New Jersey.

Chris Masters was released by WWE in 2011.

Following WWE, Masters signed with Impact Wrestling and is currently signed to NWA.

It has been previously reported that WWE’s stance on marijuana has softened.

Transcript from SEScoops.

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