Hall Of Famer’s Expletive Heavy Reasoning For WWE’s Past Decline

1 month ago by Dave Adamson

Hall Of Famer’s Expletive Heavy Reasoning For WWE’s Past Decline WWE

A WWE Hall of Famer has claimed Vince McMahon’s refusal to commit to was a factor that led to the company’s decline.

With Roman Reigns at the top of WWE and fast approaching 1,000 days as Undisputed WWE Universal Champion, Kevin Nash reflected on his time as champion.

Speaking on a Q&A episode of Kliq This, the nWo member stated:

“You’re only gonna be as successful as your f*cking top guy, and Roman’s the top guy right now. Roman has the cool factor. Roman’s your money guy.”

He would then cast his mind back to the events of the 90s which would lead to his departure in 1996 and arrival in WCW in that same year.

“If I would’ve beaten Bret [Hart] out of the shoot, I think absolutely Diesel has a much better f*cking run, but the fact that they wouldn’t commit and put the f*cking eggs in the basket.

“I think that it hurt me and I think that they weren’t ready to make that commitment.”

Nash, as Diesel, became champion after defeating Bob Backlund in an eight-second squash in November 1994 and would continue as WWE Champion until Survivor Series in November 1995.

He is a two-time WWE Hall of Famer as part of the Class of 2015 and as a member of nWo in the Class of 2020.

He has previously expressed his belief that Roman Reigns needs to have a record-breaking run as champion.

Transcript from Wrestling Inc.

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