Former WWE Star Names ‘Incredible’ Locker Room Leader

2 months ago by Dave Adamson

Former WWE Star Names ‘Incredible’ Locker Room Leader WWE

A former WWE star has revealed the name of the superstar they consider to be an “incredible” locker room leader.

Big Damo (the former Sanity member Killian Dain) made the revelation in a recent interview with

Speaking to Steve Fall, Damo would say of Randy Orton:

“Randy was an incredible locker room leader and [a] great [person] to be around because… you hear all of these stories about them and they’re just not true.

“He was wonderful to all of us, watching him wrestle every night on the house shows and stuff like that was f*cking incredible because he’s outstanding at what he does.”

Damo would go on to further explore his appreciation of Orton, adding:

“I think that I learned to appreciate him more the more I saw him as well because he always had great matches and everything else, but the way he took his time and orchestrated the crowd, he was literally a level above everybody.

“I’m hearing that he’s having back issues, I’m really hoping it’s not true because he’s maybe the most important person on that roster right now and I’m hoping that he’s able to push through it, what a worker he is. What a leader.”

Orton hasn’t been on WWE television since May 2022, taking time off with a back injury.

A recent report has been “some rumblings” about Orton’s possible return after “some time” of no discussion on the subject.

With past reports suggesting that Orton’s career came close to ending before May 2022, a photo from February 2023 gave fans hope that Orton may return soon.

In the interview, Damo would also discuss whether he would return to WWE and his thoughts on a Sanity reunion.

Big Damo and Axel Tischer (Alexander Wolfe) recently reunited at a Progress Wrestling show.

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