WWE Hall Of Famer On ‘Unfortunate’ Part Of Chris Benoit Being Erased From WWE

1 month ago by Jamie Toolan

WWE Hall Of Famer On ‘Unfortunate’ Part Of Chris Benoit Being Erased From WWE WWE

Ever since the tragic circumstances surrounding Chris Benoit and his family’s death in June 2007, WWE has done its best to erase every trace of Benoit from its history.

While it’s still possible to view Benoit matches on the WWE Network, any mention of his name has been scrubbed from the service and any official WWE home video release has also not featured Benoit in any form.

While WWE’s stance is understandable, one of his most prominent rivals and opponents Kurt Angle has spoken on the problems he has with WWE’s decision, based purely on his own career.

Speaking on The Kurt Angle Show Podcast, Angle elaborated:

“Five of my 10 best matches were with Chris, but obviously they want to keep him under wraps and it’s unfortunate.

“The thing is, if they erase Chris Benoit’s career, they’re erasing a lot of my career.” 

Angle would discuss WWE’s home-video release of his best WWE matches, none of which featured Benoit despite many of his matches with him considered among the best of both men’s careers. He added:

“I understand why they did it, but what about the other wrestlers that competed against Chris.

“You’re taking those matches away, and you’re just not mentioning the name, Chris Benoit. Anytime we have any videos that surface up on WWE television, you’re never going to see Chris.”

Despite Angle’s frustrations, WWE is unlikely to ever reverse their decision, however, all of the classic matches involving Benoit can still be watched via the WWE Network.

Transcript courtesy of Wrestling Inc.

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