WWE Star Teases Incorporating Legend Into New Character

2 months ago by Amanda Savage

WWE Star Teases Incorporating Legend Into New Character WWE

Has a WWE SmackDown star just added an extra element to their new character via suggestion on Twitter? It seems one legend is game to return!

When a fan on Twitter asked about a rumor that Sgt. Slaughter was going to be Lacey Evans’ new manager, Slaughter responded!

Being open to the task, he wrote back on Twitter:

“Would Love The Opportunity & I’m Sure @LaceyEvansWWE Would Live Becoming The @WWE Women’s Champion But She’d Have To Make It Through #CampSlaughter💪🏻”

Albeit with better emojis that you can check out fully below.

Nevertheless, Evans responded supportively, writing:

“Where do I report in?”

Lacey Evans has recently teased the latest iteration of her character as she debuted a new vignette on this week’s episode of WWE SmackDown. 

For his part, Sergeant Slaughter seems to still be under a Legends contract with WWE so it isn’t impossible!

While Lacey Evans seems to be shifting her on-screen persona now after perhaps her previous iteration got real about very serious topics.

In the lead up to her return, Evans highlighted her origin story which included overcoming adverse childhood events to overcome the addiction and mental illness she saw run rampant in her family.

When Evans returned to lukewarm response from live crowds, the compelling face character shifted to a heelish version before a period of absence from television. 

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