Former WWE Star Condemns Destructive Gambling Proposal

3 weeks ago by Dave Adamson

Former WWE Star Condemns Destructive Gambling Proposal WWE

With the revelation that WWE is in talks to legalize gambling on some of its matches, a former star has condemned the suggestion.

It was previously reported that WWE is currently in talks with state gambling regulators in Colorado and Michigan to legalize betting on high-profile matches.

Dave Meltzer tackled the subject on Wrestling Observer Radio, taking an in-depth look at the effect it would have on the creative process.

Now, Lance Storm has added his voice to the issue, tweeting in response to Meltzer’s position.

In his Tweet, Storm would say:

“Insane. Finishes are a crucial aspect of storytelling. It would destroy the creative process.

“You’d have to go back to a single Booker who everyone trusts and will keep his mouth shut.

“Writers can’t write or collaborate if they can’t discuss finishes.”

It was recently reported that WWE has been registered with the Indiana Gaming Commission.

As also stated in the recent report, WWE’s attempt to legalize betting on their matches would provide the company with a major change as winners would be kept secret from the wrestlers until mere hours before their bouts if the talks succeed.

We will continue to provide updates on this story as they emerge.

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