Latest News On WWE Stars Who Were Denied Release

1 month ago by Liam Winnard

Latest News On WWE Stars Who Were Denied Release WWE

Here’s the latest update on the status of the Dyad after last night’s NXT Spring Breakin’, following news their release requests were denied.

Both Rip Fowler and Jagger Reid tweeted on April 24 that they’d requested to be released by WWE on April 3, but were told that request wouldn’t be granted.

They said they’ll become free agents in mid-October.

After going public with that, here’s what went down with them at last night’s NXT tapings.

Firstly, they were at the show. They actually wrestled, and won, a match taped for this Friday’s episode of Level Up against the team of Hank Walker and Tank Ledger.

They didn’t appear on NXT TV though, despite the leader of their faction Schism, Joe Gacy, and fellow Schism member Ava, appearing in a backstage segment with Gallus’ Joe Coffey.

During that segment, a match between Gacy and Coffey was made for next week, with the stipulation that if Gacy can win, the Dyad would get a two-on-two title match against NXT Tag Team Champions Mark Coffey and Wolfgang, the other members of Gallus.

However, if Joe Coffey wins, the Dyad will never get another title match for as long as Gallus are the tag team champions.

So, the latest update on the Dyad is, despite publicly announcing their release requests were denied and they’d be free agents in a few months, they weren’t immediately completely erased from NXT or anything like that.

Obviously we’ll have to wait until next week to see if they’ll be having a tag team title match soon, or if they’ll end up potentially never having one again.

The Dyad are former NXT UK Tag Team Champions from when they were the Grizzled Young Veterans Zack Gibson (Rip Fowler) and James Drake (Jagger Reid) before they were repackaged in NXT 2.0.

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