WWE Launches New YouTube Channel

WWE Launches New YouTube Channel WWE

After initiating a new trademark, it seems that the purpose of the moniker has now been revealed as WWE launched a new YouTube channel.

Seemingly carving out a new home for the classic content, WWE recently trademarked the term ‘WWE Vault’ which now has launched as a separate YouTube channel.

While the channel currently only hosts 25 videos, they are vintage clips that remain thematically appropriate as WWE speeds towards the Money in the Bank event with the titular ladder matches.

There are also intriguing behind the scenes moments poised to feature on the channel as well with one of the uploaded videos being a vintage promo from Kevin Owens that is titled, ‘The promo that earned Kevin Owens a WWE contract’.

Also, you can be sure it is an official channel as the most recently updated series, featuring several videos of iconic moments from the Undertaker, was linked from a community tab post on the official main WWE channel.

In other trademark news, while at times surprises may have been slightly spoiled by the presence of a trademark filing, the debut of Jacob Fatu ended up being a surprise.

Now WWE has filed a trademark on a nickname for the brand new Bloodline member which you can read more about by clicking here.

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