AEW Roster Mostly Forgettable “Flash In The Pans” Says WWE Legend

AEW Roster Mostly Forgettable “Flash In The Pans” Says WWE Legend WWE/AEW

A WWE legend has criticized a high proportion of the AEW roster as not memorable, even going so far to say “flash in the plans”.

In an appearance on Cheat Heat with Peter Rosenberg, Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts made a bold claim.

Saying that he felt that a high number of the AEW roster would not be memorable in the future, Roberts explained his stance.

Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts said:

“10 years from now, half those guys — you won’t even remember their names,”

“I say 85% of ’em — you won’t even remember their name, because they’re flash in the pans and they don’t have any character.”

While he doesn’t name any names, he elaborated on this workhorse mentality saying:

“Jake ‘The Snake’ has not been in the ring since 1997, 2000? That’s 20-something years and I’m so friggin’ busy now, man, I’m barely keeping my head above the water. I don’t see these young kids doing signings, and you know why? Because nobody knows who the f**k they are.”

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Transcription via WrestlingInc.

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