Surprising Recent WWE Show Was A Staggering Success

2 months ago by Dave Adamson

Surprising Recent WWE Show Was A Staggering Success WWE

A recent WWE show was reported a huge success for the company, outperforming the episode of Raw at the same location.

The WWE Live house show that took place in Denver, Colorado on March 26 saw the Raw Women’s Tag Team Championship on the line as Bianca Belair faced Chelsea Green and the SmackDown Women’s Tag Team Champion contested by Sonya Deville (with Liv Morgan) attempting to dethrone Charlotte Flair.

Results for the show were reported by Fightful and can be found here.

Dave Meltzer has now addressed the performance of the show whilst speaking on Wrestling Observer Radio, saying:

“WWE business is so strong right now. They did a house show (last night) in Denver, I didn’t get the gate yet, but they were over 9,000 tickets out (in the morning), and this is a house show.

“The last time that they did TV there, they were like 5,500 paid for a Raw I think it was. And you come back with a house show, and you’re doing well over 9,000.

“With the walk-up it could have hit 10,000. And they did it with a lineup that – there was no Sami Zayn, no Kevin Owens, no Roman Reigns. Cody was there, but many of the top guys weren’t even on the card.

“I’m trying to figure out how many years it’s been since WWE was out there able to do 10,000 people in a city like Denver, or 9,000 people for a house show. It’s been years I think.”

The house show formed part of the Road to WrestleMania touring schedule.

Details for upcoming WWE events and live appearances can be found on the official WWE website.

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