Streaming Executive Reveals WWE Has Interest In Big Live Event Change

Streaming Executive Reveals WWE Has Interest In Big Live Event Change WWE

A streaming network executive has revealed that WWE has “an interest” in a big change to its live events business model.

FITE COO Mike Weber recently appeared on the Business of the Business podcast and was asked whether he could see WWE streaming their house shows in a similar way to the 1980s broadcasts on regional cable channels.

Webber would reply by saying:

“They definitely have an interest in doing it. I’m sort of surprised they’re not.

“In what I think is their opinion, it’s gotta look the level of Fox or nothing … So I don’t think they want to put a smaller production out there.

“Could it be done? Yeah, it could be done overnight. It would be easy to go in there and do those shows, because it’s still nice venues, bigger venues than, say, the GCW shows.

“GCW’s a good example; you can film those shows almost anywhere, and they work, and fans like them. I think it’s very important to [WWE] to keep that level of TV production at the highest level.

“That’s a $150,000-$200,000 … production budget to go and do every show, which would not make sense for your quote-unquote ‘house shows.'”

Weber would point out that WWE uses their house shows as a “practice run” for PPV matches, citing this as a reason why WWE may be reluctant to bring their house shows to the masses.

He did suggest that, with AEW House Rules starting on March 18 and the first match in Troy, Ohio recently announced, there was a question mark over whether Tony Khan could opt to stream non-televised shows.

Transcript from Wrestling Inc.

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