WWE LWO Members’ Future Revealed After Rey Mysterio/Santos Escobar Breakup?

WWE LWO Members’ Future Revealed After Rey Mysterio/Santos Escobar Breakup? WWE

WWE may have dropped a major hint about the future of the LWO after the recent issues between Rey Mysterio, Santos Escobar and Carlito.

On the November 10 episode of SmackDown, Carlito blamed Escobar for leaving a set of brass knuckles on the apron of the ring at Crown Jewel, which allowed Logan Paul to beat Mysterio for the US Title.

Escobar took exception to that, and then proceeded to attack Mysterio who he believed had taken Carlito’s side instead of his own.

A week later, Escobar ‘explained his actions’, before shouting in the face of Zelina Vega who slapped him, and then he also attacked Cruz Del Toro and Joaquin Wilde before Carlito made the save for them.

There’s still a little bit of uncertainty as to whose side certain people are on – for example, just because Escobar attacked Del Toro and Wilde doesn’t mean they won’t stick with him as they’ve been with him for years since they were in NXT together as Legado Del Fantasma.

However, the latest major clue came at two untelevised WWE live events this past weekend at in Tupelo, Mississippi and Jonesboro, Arkansas.

At both of those shows, Carlito, Del Toro and Wilde teamed together to beat Bobby Lashley and the Street Profits.

This obviously seems to suggest that, as of now, there’s no heat between Carlito and the other two, and they seem to be on the same side.

Obviously this can change based on how the storyline plays out on TV, but that’s how things stand after the most recent developments.

Rey Mysterio of course remains out of action for six to eight weeks after undergoing legitimate surgery – the storyline reason being the attack from Escobar.

Dave Meltzer reported that there’s been talk that Angel Garza and Humberto Carrillo could re-emerge after a stint in NXT to join Santos Escobar’s side to even up the numbers somewhat.

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