WWE Star Urges Fans To Stop Complaining, Says He’s ‘Content’ With ‘Silly’ Gimmick

2 months ago by Dave Adamson

WWE Star Urges Fans To Stop Complaining, Says He’s ‘Content’ With ‘Silly’ Gimmick WWE

A WWE star has told fans to stop complaining about his character on Twitter after a fan hoped he’d “drop that gimmick soon”.

It was ma.çé’s birthday on February 5 and, naturally, the star received a number of birthday wishes.

He would, however, reply to one from a fan who Tweeted:

“Happy birthday. Hope they let you drop that gimmick soon.”

With a birthday wish of his own, ma.çé replied:

“For my birthday, let’s stop complaining about my job for me. I’m quite content being silly with my best friend.”

A few other fans would give him options about what they’d like to complain about, with the Maximum Male Model offering his opinion on some of the suggestions.

The real-life Brennan Williams signed with WWE in 2016 and was introduced to WWE audiences as Dio Maddin.

He previously played for the NFL’s Houston Texans having played college football at North Carolina.

He would debut as Mace in September 21 2020, being part of Retribution.

Following the dissolution of Retribution in March 2021, Mace would tag with T-Bar until the October 2021 WWE Draft saw them split up, with Mace going to SmackDown.

Mace was the first acquisition for Knight Model Management by LA Knight in April 2022.

It would be in July of that year that Mace would become ma.çé.

He would join Mansoor, now named mån.sôör, and the Maximum Male Models would be born.

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