WWE Management Didn’t Think This Famous RKO Spot Was Possible

2 years ago by Tempest

WWE Management Didn’t Think This Famous RKO Spot Was Possible

One of the most jaw-dropping moments in WWE history was when Evan Bourne (now known as Matt Sydal) was hit with an RKO by Randy Orton mid-Shooting Star Press. It occurred on an episode of Raw in 2010 prior to the Money in the Bank pay per view.

Now, we know people in WWE management didn’t think it was possible. Bourne recently spoke about the spot with Chris Van Vliet where he revealed the process that went into it. Here is the quote, courtesy of Fightful:

“The first time I saw it get nailed was [Matt Cross], him and B-Boy did it on an IWA Mid-South show I was on. I was talking to him about it and I told him, ‘If I ever have a feud with Randy Orton, I want to do the shooting star into the cutter.’ The next day, turns out me and Randy have a segment. I said, ‘Anybody want to do the shooting star RKO?’

There were some doubts from management that it was humanly possible, but it was this perfect merging of two guys’ finishers. It’s something we can do confidently. I jump, and there’s no control, so I’m jumping and thinking that if he’s there, I’m going to land on him. If he jumps up to give me the cutter, I’m taking it. I basically do the same leap and when I’m able to see the ground, it’s just getting caught.”

The spot did not win the Slammy for “Holy **** Moment of the Year” with the award instead going to the forgettable John Cena vs. Batista I Quit Match. A true injustice if ever there was one.

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