WWE Matches Of The Week #15

WWE Matches Of The Week #15

Hello and welcome once again to my top ‘WWE Matches of the Week’. Here, as always, I check out all the bouts from the past seven days of WWE TV and cherry pick the very best for you.

A quick reminder that this only focuses on RawSmackDown Live205 Live and NXT. After all, we all know that Main Event does not exist. Luckily there was at least one great match on each show so without further ado, let’s get cracking!




Moving on…


SmackDown Live
The New Day vs. The Bar

That’s better. Tag team wrestling truly lives on SmackDown Live. Shame about Raw‘s division, aye? New Day and the Bar put on a brilliant show here where the heels cut the ring in half – metaphorically – keeping both Kofi and Big E as singles competitors throughout the match.

They didn’t stay down, however, as Xavier Woods, along with the crowd, cheered them back to victory. It was a fantastic bout and a breath of fresh air after an abysmal episode of Raw and an average showing on SmackDown prior to this.

6 years ago by Wrestle Talk


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