WWE Star Still A Member Of Absent Faction

WWE Star Still A Member Of Absent Faction WWE

The WWE Draft eligibility list has thrown up a couple of interesting stories as WWE revealed which stars were able to be drafted on each night.

One of those stories was the Bloodline having to be drafted on separate nights, but there’s another notable sign regarding another one of WWE’s factions.

AJ Styles broke his ankle back in December and hasn’t been seen since, and throughout his absence, we’ve barely seen his teammates in the OC, Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows either.

It’s pretty evident that plans for Anderson and Gallows were reliant on Styles being around, so without him, they just haven’t been used.

However, there was a fourth member of the OC, that being ‘Michin’ Mia Yim, who returned to WWE by joining the faction to combat the Judgment Day last year, with the idea of Yim being the female equaliser for Rhea Ripley.

Unlike Gallows and Anderson, we have seen Yim a fair bit on WWE TV throughout Styles’ absence, and she hasn’t been featured alongside the other members of the OC, making it seem like it may have just been a temporary alliance to ease her back into the roster.

However, the WWE Draft eligibility announcement lists the OC as being able to be drafted as a four-person unit, and that does actually include Yim, meaning officially, she’s still a member of the group.

Obviously it remains to be seen how much longer that’ll last because they could still be split up in the draft, but they’re listed together as one pick if they’re staying together.

We’ve set up a page that’ll keep track of all the draft picks tonight, which can be found at this link if you want to save it for later.

After the draft pools were released, Yim tweeted the following:

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12 months ago by Liam Winnard


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