WWE Hall Of Famer & Hardcore Legend Opens Up On Wrestling Regrets

2 months ago by Dave Adamson

WWE Hall Of Famer & Hardcore Legend Opens Up On Wrestling Regrets WWE

A WWE Hall of Famer and hardcore legend has recently revealed the things that he wished he hadn’t done in his career.

On the recent episode of Foley is Pod, the hardcore legend opened up on his feelings about fire in his matches.

Speaking on the subject, Foley revealed:

“I never liked the fire. I did it. I never felt comfortable with it.”

Fire wouldn’t be the thing that he regrets, however, with Foley going on to say:

“So I could have done things that were healthier, but then I’m not the guy who got to the dance. You know, those were the things that brought me there.

“I wish I had not dropped elbows on the concrete in non-televised matches and used it less on TV also, and I wish I’d brought up the hand because there was no correlation to me between guys who blocked or did not block chair shots and guys who got over big time, because the guys who were the biggest stars in the business did block the chairs, and no one thought any less of them.”

In the episode of Foley is Pod, the WWE Hall of Famer would also talk about Dude Love’s heel turn.

Kevin Kelly recently revealed his part in the story of Dude Love turning heel on Stone Cold Steve Austin.

Foley has also previously spoken about having his WWE Hall of Fame speech cut short in 2013 for Donald Trump.

Transcript from Wrestlingnews.co.

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