WWE Money In The Bank Qualifier Confirmed For Next Week

5 years ago by Wrestle Talk

WWE Money In The Bank Qualifier Confirmed For Next Week

The term ‘dream match’ is getting mentioned a lot on WWE television recently with Daniel Bryan usually involved in the same conversation. Bryan’s return to in-ring competition in April led to many fans fantasizing about the various superstars the ‘American Dragon’ could find himself standing across the ring with.

One of the opponents undoubtedly on fans’ minds would be Jeff Hardy and last night’s SmackDown Live saw that match become a reality. The match was made after Big Cass was unable to compete in his scheduled Money in the Bank qualifier with Samoa Joe. This meant that the winner of Hardy vs. Bryan would now face Samoa Joe next week for a spot in the ladder match.

Bryan picked up the win in an entertaining back and forth bout with a heel hook setting up another (Yes I’m going to say it again) ‘dream match’ with Samoa Joe.

Even though the term is being used a lot recently, it couldn’t be apter in this case with Bryan and Joe being two of the best performers on the roster. This won’t be the first time they have shared a ring though, as the two competed multiple times during their Ring of Honor days.

The match is a really tough one to call as Samoa Joe really deserves a world title run and a win over Bryan would give him huge momentum going forward.

Likewise, Bryan recently lost a qualifier to Rusev and another loss would push him further down the card. Equally, it could be argued that a loss wouldn’t be as detrimental for Bryan as his journey back to the WWE Championship will inevitably be a rollercoaster ride and this may simply be a part of that process.

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