WWE Name Demands An Apology From The Rock

2 months ago by Connel Rumsey

WWE Name Demands An Apology From The Rock WWE

Current WWE producer Shane Helms has demanded an apology from Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson for a slanderous claim about him and Chicken McNuggets.

The first ‘Rock Concert’ segment recently celebrated it’s 20th anniversary, and fans shared the clip on Twitter to reflect on the segment.

The segment was interrupted by Steve Austin and The Hurricane, with the Hurricane being dragged away by security.

The Rock, ever the witty promo, told the cops to ‘arrest’ Helms, as he was guilty of ‘shoving Chicken McNuggets up his ass’.

20 years later, and Helms has had enough of this Chicken McNugget slander, demanding that The Rock apologise for the baseless accusations.

He tweeted:

Honestly, I’ve dealt with this slander from @TheRock for far too long. It was never proven in a court of law that I had Chicken McNuggets up my ass. There was never any evidence other than some sweet and sour sauce in my locker room. I demand an apology!!

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