WWE Name Reveals Reason Behind Recent Audience Successes

2 months ago by Dave Adamson

WWE Name Reveals Reason Behind Recent Audience Successes WWE

A WWE executive has opened up about the reasons behind the recent run of audience successes for the company.

In a week that has included the news that a WWE house show did a staggering number of ticket sales compared to a WWE Raw when it last ran in the same city, Nick Khan has discussed the success.

Speaking to Sports Business Journal, the WWE CEO said:

“To me, the success we’ve seen in the ratings is a combination of factors.

“Certainly Triple H, but that would also include the entire writing team, the producers, the superstars/in-ring performers and the system that Vince set up.

“Like any organization that thinks it’s great, the system moves no matter who comes and who goes.”

As noted by Sports Business Journal, live-gate records were set for WWE SmackDown and Raw in “more than 20 markets” in 2022.

The WWE Royal Rumble in January 2023 became the highest-grossing and most-viewed edition of the event and early ticket sales for WrestleMania 39 also showed a huge appetite for WWE’s big events.

Sports Business Journal also noted that “In January, WrestleMania 39 had already set the all-time gate record for any WrestleMania.”

In the interview, Khan would also address the upcoming media rights negotiations.

Transcript from Sports Business Journal.

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