WWE Not Returning To Their Regular Touring Schedule For A Long Time

WWE Not Returning To Their Regular Touring Schedule For A Long Time

Among the many things affected by the pandemic, one of them has been the WWE’s touring schedule. Typically, the promotion would do a weekly live event loop beginning with SmackDown and ending with Raw. Since the pandemic began, WWE has been unable to do this.

Now, it seems we will not see a return to this format for a long time. The highly reputable WrestleVotes Twitter account reported today that they had been told that the typical house show schedule won’t return until 2022.

“I’ve been told that the typical weekly live event loop (Friday TV + house shows Sat & Sun + Monday TV) all of which in different locations, won’t return to the WWE schedule until 2022.”

Since the beginning of the pandemic, WWE has only run televised events. Non-televised events had been losing the company money for a while now. Many people believed they would ultimately be phased out altogether.

House shows have been polarizing by those who work for WWE. Some stars find them to be the most fun shows to work on as you do not have the restrictions of having a script. However, for others, the touring schedule can lead to being burnt out from all the traveling.

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