Mysterious ‘Justice’ Vignettes Continue On NXT

Mysterious ‘Justice’ Vignettes Continue On NXT WWE

With not one but two sets of mysterious vignettes occurring on WWE NXT lately, we seem a bit closer to the reveal of one!

With one set being a bit less mysterious as it seems to be related to Dominik Dijakovic, still the name of this iteration has yet to be revealed.

Giving another glimpse into the psyche of the seemingly soon to debut star, in a pre-taped vignette the latest harbinger called NXT “soft”.

In the vignette, the former Dijakovic said:

“The truth is never simple, until I am sitting across the table.

“At that point you have two choices: give me the truth or I beat it out of you.

“NXT is a soft society but soon that will change because I am not a product of my environment.

“My environment is a product of me and hard justice is on its way!”

We’ll have to continue to stay tuned to NXT to find out more about what we can expect in the coming weeks from the former Dominik Dijakovic.

You can keep up with all the latest action on tonight’s WWE NXT by clicking here. 

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1 year ago by Amanda Savage



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