WWE Set To Launch NXT Europe In 2023

WWE Set To Launch NXT Europe In 2023 WWE

The future of the NXT UK brand has been up in the air ever since the most recent set of tapings were cancelled, and many of the brand’s top stars moved over to NXT 2.0.

However, it appears as though the brand could be more alive than ever, as a new article from Fox News has announced that the company plans on launching ‘NXT Europe’ in 2023.

The launch of NXT Europe means that NXT UK is set to go on hiatus for a few months following the upcoming Worlds Collide event, pitting the top stars of NXT 2.0 against the top stars of NXT UK.

When discussing what would happen to the current NXT UK talent, Shawn Michaels said:

“So some of it, like everything with the WWE and NXT, that pipeline is always fluid. It’s going to be one of those situations where we’re going to have a lot of representation going into Worlds Collide. It’s what NXT has always been and that is to be a pipeline for the WWE in support of RAW and SmackDown. That process is going to continue. We’re going to use the UK talent that we can to go into Worlds Collide and keep that representation out there for as long as we can. And as we move things over here in the process, we’ll make all those decisions in 2023 about who’s a part of NXT Europe and who continues to stay here in NXT in hopes of getting a main roster call up.”

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