New Tease For Released WWE Stars Returning & Faction Reunion

4 months ago by Dave Adamson

New Tease For Released WWE Stars Returning & Faction Reunion WWE

A cryptic Instagram Story appeared on a WWE stars account, hinting at possible returns and a faction reunion.

The story, which Nikki Cross posted on December 13, shows a colourful crayon drawing.

It’s the dates that have piqued interest, though.

Reddit user MikeMakesRight82 posted to the SquaredCircle group a breakdown of the dates, saying:

“The dates on the picture correspond to:

“Nikki’s birthday (at least according to google)

“Sanity’s debut in NXT

“and Nikki wrestling Candice in NXT

“Seems like we may be getting Sanity coming back in some form to go after the Garganos.”

21 April 1989 is listed as Nikki Cross’ date of birth on Wikipedia.

12 October 2016 was the debut of Sanity on WWE NXT.

21 November 18 was the date of the Nikki Cross vs Candice LeRae match on WWE NXT.

The WWE YouTube channel posted the full match on 23 November 2022.

The stylized cross had been associated with Sanity, with Cageside Seats showing the design on a Sanity T-shirt from 2017.

Add this to the quite frankly disturbing image of a blonde-haired woman with what looks like a baby and a baby bottle, and it looks like things are far from over between Cross and LeRae.

It had been previously reported that Eric Young was potentially returning to WWE.

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