NXT To Utilize More Veteran Wrestlers Moving Forward?

NXT To Utilize More Veteran Wrestlers Moving Forward?

Backstage news has emerged on discussions for various NXT plans, including the brand’s return to touring.

Since the brand’s reboot in September 2021, NXT 2.0 has aired from the WWE Performance Center. Stars of the developmental division could soon be preparing to hit the road once again.

In the latest edition of Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer stated that there has been internal talk about the brand resuming house shows. NXT hasn’t held a house show since the ‘Black and Gold’ era of the brand.

It was also reported that there had been discussions about potentially utilising more wrestling veterans, to help the younger stars gain experience. Meltzer noted:

“There is talk of them (NXT) doing house shows again. That’s the talk right now. The plan’s been since July of last year to do it, but I heard today that it’s been talked about more of late.

“They have to do it. They’ve got to get these guys matches. If you saw the Observer this week with the list of how many matches everybody’s had, you’re talking about some of these guys having like 10/12 matches in a year, and it’s gonna take a long time for them to not be green if they’re doing like 12 matches in a year.

“Especially since so many of them are working with each other, they’re not working with veterans, although there has been talk about that too, about having some veterans there. Which is funny because the veterans that were there, Ciampa and all these guys, they’re looking at bringing them all to the main roster right now, or cutting them, one or the other.”

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Ahead of the NXT reboot, it had been noted that WWE planned to focus on bigger and younger athletes, moving away from showcasing former independent stars. At New Year’s Evil 2022, top prospect Bron Breakker defeated Tommaso Ciampa for the NXT Championship.

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