WWE Planning To Open Physical Hall Of Fame?

WWE Planning To Open Physical Hall Of Fame? WWE

The WWE Hall of Fame is very (sort of) prestigious, especially when you focus on the people who worked their entire career to get inducted.

Unlike some Halls of Fame, which you can physically visit, the WWE Hall of Fame is more like a list of people, but that could soon be about to change.

As noted in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, WWE has sent out a survey to its mailing list, asking fans whether they would be interested in tours of the WWE Performance Center, which would include a museum, opportunities to train and watch others train, and even a physical Hall of Fame.

Dave Meltzer wrote:

WWE sent out a survey to its mailing list to see if people would be interested in visiting Performance Centers as tourist attractions. The idea would be setting them up in different cities and make them open to visitors and sell merchandise. Markets asked about were Atlanta, Dallas, Nashville and Tampa. It would be a combination training facility and museum, with the idea of fans coming and watching training in the rings, training in the weight rooms, a video room and even the idea of watching people practice and work on television matches and interviews of time. There would also be merchandise, historical memorabilia and tours that would include a physical Hall of Fame and film of legendary matches, similar to a sports or music Hall of Fame.

Depending on the response to the survey, we could well see WWE opening up several Performance Centers across the USA, and you’ll finally get to visit the Hall of Fame.

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2 years ago by Andy Datson


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